My two (two!) pieces for the "Magical Girl Heroines: Sailor Moon and Sailor Senshi"gallery show, happening THIS SATURDAY (that’s tomorrow!) at Q-Pop in lovely downtown Los Angeles! The art i’ve already seen for this show looks AMAZING and i’m super pumped to be part of it along with many talented pals and talented potential-future-pals.


I have this drawing in the Sailor Moon show at Qpop tomorrow night. I’ll b there too.
Edit: SATURDAY night!!
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Dewy Clover
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Home Sweet Home

Finally found time to finish this! I tried many times but Tumblr just wouldn’t let me upload the GIF in one piece… oh well… back to hibernation mode! _(:з ゝ∠)_


Gunner Wright AKA Isaac Clark ‘Dead Space’ Interview

Welcome to another exclusive interview with the faces of the gaming industry fellow Rebels.  This…

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The actress Audrey Hepburn (as Nicole Bonnet) photographed by Terry O’Neill at the Studio de Boulogne during the filming of “How to Steal a Million”. Paris (France), September 1965.
Audrey was wearing:
Coat: Givenchy (of wool, navy blue, military-inspired, first created for the Audrey’s wardrobe in this film and after included in his collection for the Autumn/Winter 1965/66).
Blouse (inside): Givenchy (of silk linen, short sleeves, haute couture, created especially for her wardrobe in this film).
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Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn backstage at the RKO Pantages Theatre, as they wait to present their categories at the 28th Academy Awards, March 21, 1956.  Hollywood, California. 

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Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway - in “Bonnie and Clyde” (1967)
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