Bruce Lee
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Foggy ice cave exploration, the conditions were amazing (Mt Baker National Forest)
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My first book, ONCE UPON A CLOUD with Dial Press at Penguin is finally finished! Its up for preorder -here- and will be in stores in Spring 2015. These are some of the pages of characters little Celeste meets in the story. 

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Walking back home (by ClixYou)
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Sherlock Hound名探偵ホームズ
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“So I can say with full confidence to those who dream of becoming a mangaka: even if you suck, it’s okay!♥ Just try your hardest and please don’t give up! Even if it’s bent, smudged, done in a felt pen, done in ten seconds per panel, or done with no rough draft, just be sure to make those deadlines. Anything is okay. Even if it sucks, it might become an anime someday!”Naoko Takeuchi

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PS this is what I mean when I talk about her being rushed- SHE DID A LOT OF STUFF AT ONCE, like do the numbers of what she’s talking about here.I guess I kinda get more defensive of her than other artists because she’s pretty clearly aware of a lot of the flaws and really apologetic about it. And I still really like her work despite all those limitations! So.i just like her i think she’s cool…and always will…

this makes me like takeuchi about 500 times more omg it’s so cute… i’m glad that she’s aware of the flaws in her work too (though probably a little too aware) (honey it’s ok sshh)

also these are some real inspirational words of advice yo

47 pages in three days good lord

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Opaque  by  andbamnan